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It's National Woman's Small Business Month!

We're Celebrating You with a Free Gift!


It's National Women's Small Business Month! Did you know...


  • Women-owned businesses have skyrocketed from a mere 4.6% of all businesses in 1972 to 42% in 2019.

  • Approximately 1,817 new women-owned businesses open each day (compared to just 714 in 2007).

To celebrate women in business I'm giving my fellow businesswomen a fantastic gift:  A free Money Map Life and Income Planning Session!


If you are one of the first 3 women business owners to schedule during the month of October, I will waive your Money Map Life and Income Planning Session fee (Regularly $997) as My Gift to You.

During your private, NO OBLIGATION and HIGHLY ILLUMINATING session you will:

  • Get clearer than you’ve ever been on what you truly want;

  • Discover what it will really cost for you to have it;

  • Identify the real resources available to you and how to use what you do have wisely;

  • See exactly where you need to make changes in your current income model to create a life worth living;

  • And much more...


What is it? In this session I guide you through a unique process for bringing your life and your business into alignment, priming your business for profits, and keeping it that way. While you may not be used to hearing about these kinds of things from your lawyers, I'm not a traditional lawyer. I'm here to help you have the life and business you truly want.

To schedule your Money Map Life and Income Planning Session as my gift to you, simply book a session today, or send me an email and say you want the Money + Time Special. Don't wait, this gift is limited to the first 3 women business owners who make an appointment this month. - Tammy E. Silvas

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